Bio of Karen Patterson-Dawkins

Karen Patterson-Dawkins (Director of Outreach and Communications – JDCF)

JDirector of Outreach and Communications

Karen’s journey embraces her growing years in Jamaica, further establishing herself in Britain and now here in Canada. An active Christian and proud Wolmerian, Karen completed her management degree studies in Jamaica and worked in Finance in the Public Service for several years. Her desire for further achievement led her to pursue further Masters Studies in International Business in the United Kingdom.

In order to accomplish her desires to excel Karen sought to gain international working experience in her field and established herself in the manufacturing sector in London engaged in marketing and communications on a local and international basis. There has always been an interest to give back to the Jamaican community and Karen endeavours to make a positive impact both home and abroad.

Karen recently relocated to Alberta, Canada and continues to establish herself not only personally but socially in pursuing her interest in volunteering and being involved in several organizations such as Dress for Success (helping disadvantaged women), Ethnocultural Council of Calgary, Telus Spark Science Centre, Jamaica Canadian Association of Alberta and of course the Jamaica Diaspora Canada Foundation (JDCF).

Her desire to give back to the Jamaican community led her to contribute as a Board member in the area of Communication and Outreach by working with the Alberta Regional Director to sensitize and provide information concerning Jamaica and the Diaspora to existing and potential members in Alberta as well as working to assist wherever the need arise to develop communication material and tools to assist the Diaspora projects.

There is much to do and Karen is hoping to continue to be a greater impact with insights to widen the Diaspora reach in Canada and increase the effectiveness of projects undertaken to improve Jamaica in all facets possible.

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