Bio of Cleve Dawkins

Cleve Dawkins (Regional Director Alberta South)

Regional Director Alberta South

Cleve Dawkins life journey started as a follow-up engineer in the 807 garment industry in Jamaica. He later joined the Jamaican Defence Force and has since pursued a career in Aviation. He is also degree qualified in Management. He studied at UTECH, FIU, and SAIT.
Cleve has extensive experience at the executive level in cooperate Jamaica, where he successfully served as Managing Director, Conveyance and Konstruk’shon Ltd (Haulage and Construction Company), Director of Administration, Northover and Associates (Engineering Company), Financial Controller and Contract Coordinator with Pameco and Associates (Engineering Company).

Cleve has extensive experience at the executive level in not-for-profit organizations. He served as Operations Manager for Food for the Poor distribution centre in Waterhouse, Kingston, Jamaica, President for the Mount Airey Citizen Association Benevolent Society in Clarendon, Jamaica and Treasurer of the Jamaican Canadian Association Alberta Canada. He also served on the Calgary Police Community Advisory Board. A dedicated financial manager, Cleve has successfully managed fundraising events including the Mount Airey Community Fundraiser which realised a surplus of approximately 160% of investment.

In his home town he was able to mobilize the community to work together in unison, this resulted in the community working together, free of charge to repair the public amenities. He also worked closely with the police, thus improving police community relations with a committed police presence at all community functions and meetings.

Cleve has a passion for community development and aims to mobilize Jamaicans to help Jamaica, hence being the Regional Director in Alberta he was able to increase the membership for the organization and continues to seek out potential members and has been an information point of contact for the Jamaican community as well as persons wishing to visit Jamaica. His goal is to work with the Jamaican’s in this region who has an interest in pursuing projects geared towards community development in Jamaica.

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