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“Building Nations, Inspiring Generations”

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The JDCF- Future Leaders are agents of change. Our purpose is to contribute to the development of our homeland, Jamaica; as well as the progression of the youth within Canada’s Jamaican community. Collective action through our programming and voluntary initiatives, improves Jamaica while uniting and advancing our diasporic community.


Our goal is to inspire our youth, and in turn, create a generation of leaders nationwide. The JDCF- Future Leaders will be a force in community building and make an impact in Jamaica and Canada.


JDCF- Future Leaders value, leadership, pride and unity.
We inspire youth to exercise their leadership capabilities.
We embody pride as we showcase our achievements and Jamaican culture.We exemplify unity as we work to create strong relationships within our membership and the community.​
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Jamaican Emerging Leaders

emerging leaders
JEL creates the perfect atmosphere for young Jamaican and Caribbean professionals to network and socialize while connecting through cultural similarities.
The word JEL is synonymous with uniting or coming together. With JEL, we work towards one main goal: Uniting Jamaicans and Caribbean’s in Toronto and abroad. We also hope to develop a critical mass of participants who are engaged with each other and with the community projects we are fundraising for.

Mentorship Program

mentorshipThe JDCF – Future Leaders uses its resources for the development of our community. We aspire to secure the growth of our youth by providing them with access to knowledgeable professionals who can mentor our members and ensure their path is a successful one.
The Future Leaders Mentorship Program is exclusive to paid members only. Upon completing a mentorship program form Fulture Leaders will pair members up with a mentor within their desired feild. Members of te program will also be able to attend workshops that are facilitated by mentors.

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President, Future Leaders
Lennox Richards
President, Future Leaders – JDCF
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