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Information about Membership

How Do I Join the Network?

You can join the Jamaica DiasporaConnect portal by clicking on the “Become A Member” link and Registering. Once you have created an account to become a “Registered User”, this will give you access to a variety of information resources on the Web Portal including Case Studies, Best Practices and Access to Social networking through Discussion Fora and Special Interest Groups.

You then have the option of completing a more detailed Information form about your background, skills and experiences and how you would like to contribute to Jamaica’s development. Once complete, this accords you with full “Registered Member” status, which will provide with the opportunity to participate in consultative and development opportunities (social and economic) and access to full search facilities (partners, skills, experts). Sharing your information increases the value of this Network and enhances the Benefits associated with your membership.

Information about the JamaicaDiasporaConnect Project

What happens after the UNDP funding expires in January 2011?

Part of the project involves making a case for sustainable funding and fundraising

Instructions for using the Portal

How do I navigate this site?

You can navigate this site by using our sitemap. To view sitemap click here.

Issues relating to Data Privacy

What if we don’t want to complete the forms online?

In anticipation of this, the Form can be completed by hand or e-mail. Completion through a telephone interview will be available in limited cases e.g. for the partially sighted

How can we be sure that our data is secure and won’t be abused?

We are making provision for ICT facilities that will enable us to back up UK data in accordance with good practice in data protection and business continuity. The Database Information Form is being withheld until we have completed negotiation of data protection and privacy policies with MSB

Where will the data be stored?

Data will be stored on the project server at Mona School of Business. MSB will pull together data from USA and Canada

Who will own the data?

The Canadian data will be owned by the Jamaican Diaspora Canada Foundation.

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