Bio of Kingsley Gilliam

Kingsley P. Gilliam (Director of Social Services & Health )

Director of Social Services & Health

Kingsley Gilliam has been involved in the Jamaica Diaspora Canada Foundation (JDCF) since its founding and has participated in the 2006, 2008 and 2011 conferences while serving as a mentor to the Future Leaders group. He is the JDCF’s Director of Social Services and Health and chaired the adhoc committee on constitutional revision.

Kingsley has been the founding member of a number of community organizations with a strong human rights education and advocacy focus, including West Indian Society of Sudbury; Sudbury Multicultural Society; Sudbury Folk Arts Council; National Black Coalition of Canada (and founder of the Edmonton & Calgary Chapters). He championed human rights issues, established Black Summer School and Saturday School programs, Black History Month programs showcasing Black professionals as role models for Black children and youth. During his term as National Vice-Chairman of the National Black Coalition of Canada, the organization successfully lobbied the Federal Government to establish the Canadian Human Rights Commission. In that capacity, he was intimately involved in planning and executing Canada’s participation in FESTAC 77, the world Festival of Black Art and Culture held in Lagos, Nigeria in 1977.

Kingsley was also the Founder and Director of the Race Relations Council of Edmonton. He participated in two Preparatory conferences for the World Conference Against Racism (WCAR) in Durban, South Africa, and was involved in Global Afrikan Congress, an offshoot of the WCAR. He has also served as Director of the African Canadian Legal Clinic and holds several important roles in his church, Immanuel Baptist Church. Kingsley is an International Director of Community Directed Development Foundation of Ghana.

Kingsley has been a career civil servant having worked for the Alberta, Yukon and Ontario governments where he occupied several senior positions in Health and Social Service delivery and management, Human Rights, Probation and Parole, Corporate Training, Employment Equity, Relocation and Redeployment Fund Administrator and Policy Advisor. He has also worked in the Mining and Oil extraction industries and has significant experience as a union organizer for industrial and government workers unions. He holds a Masters degree in Community Organization and Community Development.

Kingsley is very proud of his commitment and dedication to the field of Human Services through which he has positively impacted the lives of many families, children and youths, but especially for his advocacy roles in immigrant issues. He is profiled in Who is Who in Black Canada; Resourceful Africa Business Journal; and When Ackee Meets Codfish, the Jamaica 50 commemorative volume featuring the contributions of Jamaicans in Canada.

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