Profile of Mavis Palmer

Mavis Ashbourne Palmer (Regional Director Saskatchewan)

Regional Director Saskatchewan

I am nominating Mavis Ashbourne-Palmer as a representative from Saskatchewan to the Jamaican Diaspora Canada Foundation.

Mavis has been a strong proponent and supporter of Jamaican and Caribbean culture in Saskatchewan for many years.

She has maintained strong ties with members of the several cultural groups that have existed in the province and government officials at various levels.

She was Vice President for Saskatchewan in the National Council of Jamaican and Supportive Organizations of Canada.

Mavis was the organizer of a successful cross-cultural conference under the sponsorship of the Saskatchewan Multicultural Council. Mavis was also a member of the Multicultural Council Board for many years.

Mavis was also the person who was most often called upon by the National Association of Jamaicans to organize local Jamaicans to meet with visiting Jamaican officials and is a major hub when a phone fan-out is required for commemoration ceremonies like a flag raising ceremony.

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